7on7 Frequently Asked Questions

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The travel program seeks players who want a more competitive off season football environment and who will make a commitment to improve their skills and knowledge of tactics and strategy. Players are selected based on current skills, general athletic ability, and willingness to commit to a more demanding program. Players with good skills or good general athletic ability and with dedicated and supportive parents are encouraged to tryout for positions with MEFC travel teams.

MEFC Tuition varies per year. Tuition covers the cost of field time, instruction, and administrative costs. Additional Expenses: Players must cover the cost of their uniform, soft shell helmet, travel expenses, and tournament/league fees. Individual tournaments fees can range from $30-$100 per tournament. League fees can range from $100-$200.  All fees are non-refundable.
MEFC would like every athlete to have an opportunity to play. Please apply for Financial Aid. All information will be held strictly confidential.
Club 7v7 football teams play in the winter and spring seasons. When your child accepts a position on a travel team, he is making a commitment to that team for the winter and spring. MEFC does not violate any Michigan High School Athletic Association eligibility rules.
Our club fields teams based on ability, so all teams will find an appropriate level of play. Rosters sizes  – usually 12-22 players for players in grades 6-12.
Tryouts are held each fall/winter. Those trying out are evaluated on their ability to perform a series of football skills. Players are ranked by a combination of outside evaluators and team coaches. Players can tryout as many times as they like or need and can also tryout for multiple positions.
The MEFC coaches select players based on the results of the tryouts and a pre-evaluation of the players that they are familiar with. The team head coach then chooses the number of players that will be the team. All players that advance shall be notified within 10 days of the tryout, a) that they have made the team, b) they will be invited back for an additional workout/evaluation, c) they are welcome to continue with workout and train with MEFC but didn’t make a team. Only select teams/players will be asked to travel outside of local leagues and events. 
Players who are not selected will still be asked to be part of the club. This includes: training, potential participation in local tournaments, and open invitations to train and play with other organizations. Throughout the course of the season, roster spots become vacant and additional players are asked to participate. No one is turned away from the club.
Team Head Coaches are selected by MEFC. Assistant coaches are selected by each teams’ Head Coach.
Typically, practices and trainings are held on weekends at indoor or outdoor venues. Coaches will determine the practice schedule once the teams are formed. Tournaments are held at various locations across the US and Canada. Tournaments are selected based upon convenience, cost, player participation, and team success.
In the winter, training/practices begin shortly after the end of the high school football season and competition can run from January through May. Typically, teams may attend up to 4 competitive events each season. During the seasons, teams are also given up to three hours of practice time each week(typically on Sundays). All players are expected to participate in weekly practices.
Teams usually have up to 4 (four), 2-3 hour practices per month during the season. Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments. Failure to communicate multiple absences can result in dismissal from the team without refund.
Playing Time Is Not Guaranteed. It depends on many factors including the age level of the team, the game situation, and the ability level of the players on the team. The ultimate decision about individual playing time is made by each team’s head coach.
Tournament travel depends on selected tournaments and team qualifying events. Travel by, car, bus, train or plane is to be expected based upon the distance of the tournament. Only select teams/players will be asked to travel outside of local leagues and events. 
Teams need more than coaches to survive and thrive. Every team needs a volunteer Parent Manager, who is the team’s chief administrative officer. The Manager prepares tournament registration materials; and ensures that information is disseminated to players and parents. Teams also need a videographer and photographer at scheduled tournaments. Additionally, MEFC seeks donations and sponsorship from individuals or companies that share its mission.
We are under no obligation to share video with anyone regardless of their affiliation to the program. Video highlights are produced at our discretion.