College Recruiting

Every year thousands of qualified high school student athletes are overlooked or denied the opportunity to compete at the next level. The best players don’t always get the best offers. It is extremely important to have the right recruiting game plan for your individual situation.

We help families navigate the recruiting process to increase their chances of earning an athletic scholarship. We offer expert advice and help creating an action plan that provides student-athletes with the necessary guidance and help to secure an athletic scholarship.

Parents/Guardians, interested in our recruiting services and would like to schedule a consultation please contact us. Often times, LOVE gives us a skewed perception of the talents and skills our children posses. Both players and parents must be realistic with their assessments and expectations.

Our recruiting service can help you in many ways:

If you would like to set up a free consultation please contact Winston Coffee, MEFC Recruiting Director at [email protected] or Zach Zimmerman, Legacy Recruiting Director at [email protected]