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The Michigan Elite 7v7 Program is an organized recreational activity that can enhance a player’s fundamental skill set.  We view 7v7 as “supplementary football”, used as a tool for skill position players to improve during the offseason in a fun, highly competitive, and structured environment – all in preparation for their next regular football season . We do not and will not guarantee that any player will be offered an athletic scholarship, gain additional exposure, or improve their recruiting position as a result of playing 7v7 football with our program or any other. We do not advocate on behalf of many intermediate, high school, or collegiate programs. Students not enrolled in school or who are academically ineligible are not allowed to play 7v7 with MEFC.

Season Tuition: $550.00

NFA7v7 Official Rules of 7v7 Football Competition

Tuition covers all training/practice sessions, team gear, 7v7 uniforms, and The NFA7v7 Midwest Elite Regional Tournament registration fee (May). Video Highlights are included for all players that participate in at least three (3) 7v7 Tournaments with one being the Midwest Elite Regional Tournament in May. Additional expenses include, travel, and league and  tournament fees.

Roster spots are secure with full tuition payments or an executed payment plan agreement. Any missed payments can result in forfeiture of your roster spot without refund.

For payment questions and arrangements please contact:
Ms. Dawn Rankin


7 Tournament Championships


Stefan B
All players must tryout to be considered for a select travel team. Select travel teams can be organized by graduation classes and or talent levels.

What commitment is involved?

FORMATION OF SELECT TRAVEL TEAMS:Notice of team formation – will be made approximately 1 month prior to the first scheduled date for try-outs. Notice will include:

The notice will be communicated in at least 2 of the following vehicles:

Sean Bunting BPayment of fees – online credit cards or in the form of cashiers check made out to “Michigan Elite Football Club” must be submitted  upon selection to a roster. Please note that personal checks will not be accepted. Players seeking relief of fees must apply for financial aid prior to the first training date. Players who have not submitted fees or received a waiver from MEFC by the time of the first game will lose eligibility and may not participate in games. The committee may choose to fill that spot on the roster with another player.

MEFC will determine extraordinary events regarding the return of registration fees on a case-by-case basis. If a player changes their mind about playing on the team after the roster is announced, registration fees will not be returned.

“Select Travel Teams” Selection Process:

The tryout process will determine the pool of players from which teams will be formed. Ratings and rankings from those tryouts will be used to select the majority of the roster for a single team. Rosters will be submitted in writing to the committee by coaches no later than 10 days following the final tryout.

Roster size – will be suggested by the head coach and approved by the Committee. If a head coach has not been selected prior to the roster selection process the Committee will determine the roster size.

Rankings – will be compiled after the conclusion of scheduled try-outs.

The committee will determine if multiple teams are warranted at each level. The objective it to create teams of equal ability and competition levels.

NOTE: *Those players not selected to play on a “select travel team” are still eligible to join a MEFC State Team(s), practice with the “select travel teams” and train in our off season program.

State 7v7 Teams:
All State club members participate in the weekly developmental training programs and may participate in local scrimmages and tournaments, but do not travel with the “select teams”. All State Team Coaches are volunteers. All State Team scrimmages are scheduled on weekends. All players wishing to play on a State team need only register for the offseason training.

Matt Sexton BRating Process:

Each player will be evaluated for general football and positional skills.

Players will be evaluated in accordance with skills displayed on the day of the try-out. Past performance will not be considered in the rating process; however, players may attend both rating sessions.

Organization of try-outs – will be led by the committee. At least 1 member of the committee will attend each try-out session of all travel teams. Individual rating sessions may be adjusted at the discretion of the committee in consideration of that day’s circumstances. Each session must have at least 2 raters that are approved by the committee. Parents and coaches of players are not eligible to act as raters for their child’s age group.

Participation – in at least 1 try-out session is required of all players, except as previously noted. Players may choose to attend both scheduled try-out sessions, but attendance to only 1 is required. Players are encouraged to attend both sessions. Players attending both sessions will be evaluated in all categories at each session. The player’s best overall session rating (not a combination of both sessions), as described in the next section, will be used as the basis for his ranking.

Players unable to make either scheduled try-out session due to extraordinary circumstances may ask the committee to schedule an additional session to evaluate only that player. The Board will attempt, but is not required, to accommodate the request if it will not materially delay the team’s roster selection.

General skill ratings – of each player will include consideration of the following skills exhibited at the try-out session:

Sean Bunting ACommunication Of Results:

Tryout results will be determined and a team roster will be submitted to the Committee within 7 days of the final try-out. Player selection will be communicated to players immediately by phone, text, or email by the travel coach.

Disclosure of individual player ratings and rankings is expressly prohibited. Individual player ratings and rankings will not be made available to anyone not directly related to the rating and ranking process as described here, including coaches and parents.

Academic Requirements:

All travel team players must provide proof of academic eligibility by providing a copy of their academic transcript to their team coach. Any player under a cumulative GPA of 2.0 will not be eligible to participate with the travel teams. Travel team players will also be required to participate in scheduled SAT Test Workshops.

Travel and State Team Coaches:

A notice is placed to MEFC requesting potential candidates to submit their names to the committee for consideration. Potential candidates can contact a committee member to submit their application. Committee members review all applications, which are coordinated by the Committee’s Travel Team coordinator. The coordinator obtains feedback on potential coaches and reports to the Committee. Interviews are set-up so that candidate and committee can discuss various topics that provide Committee members information to fairly assess the candidate. The Committee makes coaching selections based on selection criterion that seeks out the best candidates for the job. Competencies reviewed are:

A simple majority vote by committee members selects coaches for the traveling and house teams for a given season. All discussion and vote results are confidential committee business. The Committee’s Travel Team coordinator notifies selected coaches as well as notifies those not selected.

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